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Terms and Conditions

  1. In the event of any person signing this Application Form on behalf of purchaser(s) /firm/Company, such person shall submit proper documentation i.e. Authorization/Power of Attorney/ Board Resolution as may be applicable. Once the sign is affixed to the document the terms and conditions shall be irrevocable and binding.
  2. If for any reason the Developer is not in a position to allot the flat opted for, the developer will consider allotment of an alternative flat/property or refund the amount deposited without any interest. However, the Developer shall not be liable for any compensation on this account.
  3. The intending allottee(s) shall solely be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, notifications, guidelines, etc. for purchase of immovable property in India.
  4. Parking Allocation as follows:
    - 1 Parking for 2 BHK & 2.5 BHK, 2 Parkings for 3BHK
    - Car Parking allocation in basement 1/basement 2/ basement 3 is subject to availability on the date of allotment and Car Parking charges will be charged as applicable.
  5. If 10% of the total sale consideration is not paid within 30 days from the date of the booking, the Developer shall have the right to cancel the booking and also levy cancellation charges @ 5% on the total sale consideration.
  6. If the Purchaser(s) cancels the Booking of the apartment, such cancellation shall attract 5% cancellation charges on total consideration of the apartment (including Amenities). The refund amount (if any) shall be made by the Developer only on completion of Project or when the Developer finds an alternative buyer for that particular flat whichever is earlier. Other than the refund (including the cancellation charges as mentioned above) the Purchaser(s) shall not be entitled for any other compensation. For refund the Cheque accepted by the Purchaser(s) or RTGS made by the Developer is final for concluding the cancellation procedure in all respects.
  7. The Purchaser(s) undertakes to pay all the installments on time as per the Payment Schedule Annexed herewith and agrees to pay interest @ 13% P.A for the delayed payments / installments beyond 15 days from the date of each installment. The Developer reserves the right to cancel the booking in case of delay of such payments / installments exceeds 3 months and allot/alienate this booking to any third party without any further notice to the Purchaser(s). The Advance paid by the Purchaser(s) shall be refunded only after deducting 5% of Cancellation charges on total Sale Consideration of the Apartment (including Amenities),
  8. Statutory payments made to the Government + Interest accrued during the non-payment of Installments as per the Payment Schedule and the balance amount (if any) will be refunded only after finding an alternative buyer for this booking.
  9. If the Agreement of Sale is not entered into between the Purchaser(s) and the Developer within 30 days from the date of this booking, the Developer reserves the right to cancel the booking and alienate this booking to a third party without any further notice to the Purchaser(s). The Advance paid shall be refunded only after deducting 5% of Cancellation charges on total Sale Consideration of the Apartment (including Amenities) + Any Taxes paid to the Government.
  10. The Purchaser(s) is/are not allowed/permitted to re-sale, transfer or shift the booking/s till execution of sale deed in applicant(s) favour.
  11. The payment should be made by way of Account payee Cheque / Demand Draft / RTGS favoring “My Home Infrastructures Private Limited – My Home Tridasa”. In case of cheque dishonour/return, an amount of Rs.500/- per each return will be charged as cheque return charges. Interest will accrue from the due date and company reserves right to initiate legal recovery measures.
  12. The Developer shall have the first lien in case of personal payments and paramount charge on the flat until the entire Sale consideration and other charges have been paid and all legal formalities are completed.
  13. The Purchaser(s) shall contribute Rs.50/- Per Sq.ft. on Saleable Area towards the Corpus Fund meant for the purpose of long term maintenance of the complex. This amount shall be paid to the Developer before the Registration of Sale deed. The Corpus Fund amount will be transferred to Association after completion of the one year maintenance period, along with transfer of maintenance of the complex to the Association.
  14. The Purchaser(s) shall contribute/pay Rs.36/- Per Sq.ft. on Saleable Area towards regular maintenance charges for First One year. The common date of commencement of maintenance of the complex will be decided by the Developer. The Project shall be managed either by the Developer or by its nominated Maintenance Agency during the initial period. Date of Commencement of Maintenance charges shall be on or after receipt of Occupation Certificate for the project.
  15. All statutory charges, GSTand any other levies including any incidence of enhancement therein demanded or imposed by the Concerned Authorities shall be payable by the Purchaser(s) as per the demand made by the Company.
  16. Purchaser(s) having NRI/PIO status or being foreign nationals shall be solely responsible to comply with the necessary formalities as laid down in Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 and/or any other statutory provisions governing this transaction which may inter-alia involve remittance of payments / considerations and acquisition of immovable assets in India. For NRI's- Payments are to be made from their Own NRI A/C Only. If payment is made from NRE or NRO A/c, PAN Card details should be submitted (Xerox copy).
  17. The Purchaser(s) shall get his/her/their complete postal address registered with the Developer at the time of booking and it shall be his/her/their responsibility to inform the Developer by registered A.D letter about all subsequent changes in his/her/their address, failing which all demand notices and letters posted at the first registered address will be deemed to have been received by Purchaser(s) at the time when those should originally reach at such address and Purchaser(s) shall be responsible for any default in making payment and other consequences that might occur there from.
  18. In case of Joint Purchaser(s), all communications shall be sent by the Developer to the Purchaser(s) whose name appears first in this Application Form at the address given by him/her for mailing and which shall for all purposes be considered as served on to all the applicants and no separate communication shall be necessary to the other named applicants.
  19. The Purchaser(s) understands, acknowledges and agrees that visiting a particular apartment during construction is unsafe and also agrees not to ask for permission to visit the apartment until it is completed in all aspects. The purchaser(s) agrees to visit the apartment at a predetermined time and should follow all safety procedures and protocols therein.
  20. Architectural features like Elevation, Colour / Colour Combinations or any other feature affecting the aesthetics of the building, shown in the Marketing Brochures / Collaterals are indicative only; Developer reserves the right to change the same.
  21. The Purchaser(s) understands, acknowledges and agrees that there shall be no requests for any (minor or major) modifications/customizations in the flat/apartment (either internal or external). The flat/apartment shall be constructed by the Developer as per standard specifications mentioned in the Agreement of Sale.
  22. All interior works shall be allowed only after the particular apartment is handed over/ taken over by the Purchaser(s). All Interior work should be completed within 3 months from the date of taking over the physical possession of the Apartment. Interior works shall only be done between 8.00A.M. to 7.00P.M only. No person / interior worker shall be permitted to reside in the flat.
  23. The Purchaser(s)/ Apartment Owners shall have to pay user charges for various facilities availed such as Club facilities, swimming pool, Gym., etc as may be decided by the Developer at the time of commencement of such facilities during the period it is maintained by the Developer.
  24. The Purchaser(s) are hereby informed that, the Developer may/can avail the required Corporate General Purpose Loans / construction finance by duly mortgaging the project site, including the development in progress, and / or hypothecating the receivable out of sales made from the Banks / Financial Institutions and others and the Developer obtains / provides the required No Objection Certificate while executing the Sale Deed in favour of the Purchaser(s) or as may be required by the bankers of the Purchaser(s).
  25. The terms and conditions mentioned in this Application form will be superseded by the Agreement of Sale / Sale Deed, as and when they are executed, if the same are contrary to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Application.
  26. The Courts at Ranga Reddy District shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute.

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