Sustainability at My Home

Our Sustainability Vision

At My Home Group, our dedication lies in pursuing a strategic approach to sustainability. We aim to integrate environmentally responsible practices into our operations, with a particular emphasis on two core sustainability areas: ‘Care for the people’ and ‘Care for the planet’.

Our Vision:

  • Develop Buildings that are both luxurious and environmentally conscious
  • Provide Sustainable Solutions in Design & Construction of Living or Working spaces that make “Life Better”
  • Emerge “My Home” as a Leader in Sustainable Built Environment

Our ESG Vision


  • To negate environmental impact through innovative design solutions, energy efficiency ratings and green building certifications.
  • Focus on efficiently managing climate-related risks and forming strategic alliances to support sustainable development
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  • Create spaces that improve the overall quality of life for our customers and engage in activities that elevate and empower the local community.
  • Invest in our employees' well-being and development and foster an environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity
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  • Implement governance practices that promotes ethical and transparent operations while enhancing long-term value and sustainability.
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    Our Targets

    Green Certifications

    Green building certifications target-

    Resource & Energy Efficiency


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