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Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Strategic Pillars

Care for the people

We are driven by a long-term vision to create value for every stakeholder and foster a diverse, inclusive, and secure society. We pursue sustainable growth with excellence and ethics collaborating with stakeholders to develop green buildings. Our focus is on social responsibility, improving quality of life, community development, and workplace well-being.

Care for the planet

We innovate and design energy-efficient green solutions, addressing climate risks through collaboration with partners. Our goal is to minimize carbon emissions while fostering efficiency, creativity, and innovation.

We care for both people and our planet, aiming to make a positive societal impact.

ESG Governance Structure

We have a cross-functional ESG governance structure that leads our ESG initiatives, comprising representatives from various departments and functions, ensuring a comprehensive approach. This team identifies, develops, and oversees our actions on environmental, social, and governance issues. It also monitors our ESG performance and reports to the board and stakeholders.  


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